Qualitative Research in the Study of Leadership

by Karin Klenke
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Review written by Renee Escoffery-Torres
"UMES Doctoral Student", Hampton, Virginia USA

As a budding qualitative researcher in the field of organizational leadership, Dr. Karin Klenke's landmark text has emerged as an invaluable resource pertaining to the design and development of qualitative research approaches, specifically considered in the broader context of leadersip studies. Qualitative Research in the Study of Leadership captures a more comprehensive appreciation of not only qualitative research as paradigm but as method, and helps to diminish the consistent skepticism so frequently associated with qualitative research, perceived by some undiscerning researchers as an inauthentic, imprecise approach to empirical responsibility.

Although content is not explicated in "how-to" primer fashion, the book provides all-encompassing guidance for every qualitative consideration--from understanding elements and principles used for a specific method, to the major attributes of a particular design, including strategies for collection and subsequent analysis of data. For me, for any leadership student--from the neophyte to the seasoned or unconvinced practitioner of leadership research--this book is quite an illuminating and wise investment.