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Good day:

Since our initial 'welcome post' we have been busy concentrating on easy to access web design, along with installing additions which we sincerely believe will interest and aid all worldwide visitors and members of the AoM/IAoM to the 'splash' section of the site on a routine basis.

The 'Featured Article' section will specifically post exceptional published and unpublished research articles, theories and practices concentrating on the MELT Domain Paradigm of both the AoM and the IAoM, acquired by way of your, or our readings and discoveries regarding management, education(higher), leadership, and technology innovations submitted for consideration to post from both the academic and corporate practitioner global environments.

We are all aware of the necessity of creating new modes of operations within each of these fields; that is to say that management may well need to more speedily evolve away from the traditional past century models of each of these domains on into a more affective practical evolution in this current 21st century.

The thrust of concrete and profoundly necessary practical curricula in both (higher) education (academe & corporate), and a realistic comprehension, learning, training, and application/implementation of leadership positions are imperative to successful managerial functions in all fields of endeavor, environments, and professional involvements. Therefore, theories concerning these variables may certainly manifest from numerous sectors inclusive of the fields of psychology and actual daily practitioner experiences.

Instances of innovation in technology, a field constantly in improvement for the betterment of businesses, societal operations, machinery, human kind, and economics to mention a few are constantly on the move. The technologist, academics and practitioners of today will continuously assist in the discovery of more applicable products and methods of use, which are sure to increase our capabilities toward a greater evolution.

Following the 'Featured Article' section is the 'Daily News' area presently reporting on the MELT Paradigm. We will, however, be making way here for four separate reporting areas: Management, Education, Leadership, and Technology. Visitors and members alike are welcome to submit for posting to these sectors as they come across news-of-interest, to-or-from academe, corporate and practitioner learning's.

NOTE: All articles and news of submission shall be archived for immediate access.

Additionally, the "Call for Participation" in the 2008 AoM/IAoM Annual Conference Schedule of Important Dates hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands this October 2008 is currently up on the web. All interested persons are invited to participate and/or attend. Your input may well contribute to greater understanding throughout academia, corporate and practitioner organizations.

Until next time,

Dr. Willem Hamel

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  1. great! thanks for an exciting new website.

    Dr. Deemm