AoM/IAoM Announces New Development Plans!

The Association has developed a number of initiatives to foster collaborative efforts between the AoM/IAoM, academia, industry, and small business organizations. These developmental plans are designed to support a variety of career and professional opportunities for individuals, as well as offer paths to organizational effectiveness and future growth. The efforts currently underway include the following:

  1. A global network of M.E.L.T. representatives representing institutions of higher learning and profit and nonprofit organizations
  2. A federation of partnerships with other associations and societies for broadening global discourse around the disciplines of management
  3. Leadership roles on the editorial board of one of four AoM/IAOM journals and/or participate in the AoM/IAoM conferences in a variety of leadership capacities.


  • AoM/IAoM M. E. L. T. Global Representatives - Position Categories: Management, Education, Leadership, and Technology (M.E.L.T)


  • AoM/IAoM International Federation of Management Disciplines
  • Advocacy organization for global change through professional seminars, publications, and educational programs worldwide
  • Conduct world summits around the four M.E.L.T. domains as they relate to social, economic, political and cultural issues in developing and underdeveloped nations


  • AoM/IAoM Leadership Development
  • AoM/IAoM Association Leadership Positions
  • Conference Session Chairs
  • Conference Panel Leaders
  • Brainstorm and Brain Thrust Session Chairs

If you are interested in learning more about these dynamic new plans and all the benefits associated with AoM/IAoM membership, please visit our website:www.aom- iaom.org/development.

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