YES, it IS Time For A Change - in ideas!

I recently read an article by Robert I. Sutton called Making a Case for Evidence-Based Management in which he states “We keep pretending the same old ideas are brand-new, and we never learn from what’s already happened. ”

The purpose of AoM/IAoM’s blog is the spread of ideas and arguments that will change the way people think. Ideas can’t spread when people are fixated in their ideologies and conditioned to ignore arguments. We want to harness the power of people, ideas and communities of knowledge providers and creators and bring together theoreticians, researchers, practitioners, and concerned participants interested in making significant contributions to emergent new paradigms in the domains of Management, Education, Leadership, and Technology;

So consider this your invitation to debate, discuss and exchange ideas - a conversation, not a monologue or an infomercial. And as such, we not only want, but need, your participation. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas if you believe in them. Let’s keep the current flowing - ideas that flow from person to person, leaving a stream of changed minds in their wake.

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